Anderson Strathern

Anderson Strathern, Edinburgh Office Relocation

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    21,250 sq ft
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Anderson Strathern, one of Scotland's oldest law firms, dates its origins back to 1749, with today's company resulting from a union between J&F Anderson and Strathern & Blair in 1992.

Its first Glasgow office opened in 2005 and, following a lease termination at Rutland Court in Edinburgh, there was an opportunity to move to Grade A office space in Capital Square, a new development in the centre of Edinburgh's business district.

Form established the Strategic Brief through a series of interviews and workshops with Anderson Strathern’s stakeholders.

One of the primary drivers was to create a workspace which would attract staff, in particular the younger demographic, back into the office.

To support this, there needed to be the right mix of work settings which could balance Anderson Strathern’s heritage with their aspirational, and entrepreneurial, vision to be the modern Scottish law firm of choice.


To draw staff together, encourage incidental conversations and support wellbeing, a large breakout space was designed centrally to the main office floor plate.

A mix of settings, from a central island, flexible seating to high backed booths, allows staff to socialise and collaborate.

A series of meeting rooms, including a flexible seminar space and a business lounge, support their needs and those of the client network.

A warm, muted colour palette, light timbers, textures and biophilic elements evoke a calm and sophisticated environment.

Form worked closely with Anderson Strathern to ensure the design aligned with their Net Zero Roadmap and their Workplace Wellbeing Strategy.

Material choices were carefully researched and existing furniture and fixings were reused, where possible.

To facilitate a circular approach, all new joinery items are detailed with QR codes which provide information enabling future disassembly and material reuse.