Our Services


Form Design Consultants works with businesses and organisations going through change to help them get the best from their two most important assets - their buildings and their people.

We are extremely proud of who we are and what we do. Our services support businesses, organisations and their people to work more effectively and efficiently in beautiful, nurturing environments, adding value, both culturally and financially.

Commercial Interior Design

Form offer a premium, bespoke design service via strategic work stages: Preparation & Brief, Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design, Construction and Handover & Close Out

We can also take care of Statutory and Landlord Approvals, Contract Administration, Principal Designer services, furniture consultation, Equalities Act compliance and signage solutions.

Space Analysis

Whether rationalising existing sites, or planning for potential new spaces, Form can analyse the effectiveness of your Real Estate by creating space budgets and carrying out space planning analysis.

Alongside space utilisation surveys and workflow and efficiency assessments, Form will assess how your environment can be optimised.

Workplace Strategy

A positive relationship between people and their workspace serves to optimise performance, and delivers sustainable business value.

Form Design can help you better understand and develop a Workplace Strategy using a variety of analytical tools, including space analysis, strategy workshops, e-surveys and workflow analysis.

The Workplace Strategy for your organisation will be developed using operational and cultural analysis.

Health & Wellbeing

Designing environments which promote the health and wellbeing of their users is a priority for Form Design, helping to nurture an engaged, productive and loyal workforce.

The client's environmental requirements are identified, through workshops, bench-marking tools and current workplace analysis, and incorporated into the Design Brief, to enable the creation of 'healthy' interiors.

Analysis continues, through post-occupancy studies, to evaluate the effectiveness of the new environment and users' wellbeing.


Working with Form was a real pleasure - their ideas and creativity really challenged us to examine what we were trying to achieve with the workplace design. The end result is a beautiful, unique and interesting office that is an amazing place to work every day."

Euan FraserEdrington Group