We're Taking Climate Action with Zellar

Heather McLean

Zellar Climate Action

The IPCC has declared a “code red for humanity”.

The alarm bells are deafening and the evidence for climate change is irrefutable.

Alongside this, the increased cost-of-doing-business is a threat to small businesses throughout the UK.

The compound pressures of rising inflation and energy prices threaten the existence of many SMEs.

The answer to both of these problems is to use less and save more.

But with 9 out of 10 SMEs unaware of their own carbon emissions, it’s clear that this will be tricky for many.

Who Is Zellar?

A community of people who are passionate about supporting UK businesses becoming more sustainable.

The platform has been designed to empower business owners with the right tools and resources to tackle the challenges that hinder sustainable engagement.

The platform gives users guided support to reach net zero and beyond.

Zellar sets the standard for sustainability measurement to guide businesses to better products and services and customers to greener choices.

Form Design and Zellar

Form DC signed up with Zellar in October 2023 and has been busy completing as many of the Sustainability Plan's suggested actions as possible.

But there's a lot more we can do...

See a live snapshot of our stainability journey here:

Form DC - Live Zellar Score