6 Skypark, Glasgow

Spire Global

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    25,000 sq ft
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Based out of San Francisco, nanosatellite designer and manufacturer, Spire Global, collects data about Earth and beyond. The unique low-Earth orbit datasets are sold as actionable intelligence to those involved in maritime, aviation and weather activities.

They operate six offices, on three continents, with satellites being designed, built and operated by their Glasgow unit.

Spire’s growth has involved a relocation to a new unit in Skypark, which is able to house their manufacturing and office requirements in one space.

Form Design was appointed as Lead Design Consultant, providing workplace consultancy and interior design services.

The new office needed to reflect the innovation and desire to constantly thrive to create, inspire and lead the business of Earth’s observation for all.

A key challenge was to provide an environment which enabled teams to collaborate, but also allowed for focused work, with minimal distraction.

Form’s solutions included acoustic sliding whiteboard screens, allowing both collaboration and privacy, and enclosed 2-4 person pods for VC calls and focused work.

Areas are defined using a monochromatic palette in focus areas, and deep orange and dark blue in collaboration and social zones.

Within the arrival area, glazed slots offer glimpses into the satellite manufacturing laboratory, giving visitors a hint of the production side.

A natural clay render serves as a background for the AV screens which relay live data from the satellites.


The central Community Space is designed to bring staff together, and features a large central kitchen island under suspended red mesh panels with intertwined planting.

The flexible setting can easily be reconfigured for presentations and Company gatherings.