Cenkos Securities

125 Princes Street

  • Location
  • Size
    1,318 sq ft
  • Sector

Cenkos Securities, founded in 2004, is a specialist institutional securities group, advising on Corporate Finance, Corporate Broking, Institutional Equities and Market Making.

125 Princes Street was selected as Cenkos’ new office space, and Form DC was appointed as Lead Design Consultant. Working closely with the internal project team, Form gained a thorough understanding of requirements, including the need for natural light and easy access to outdoor space.

The space on Princes Street provides stunning views of Edinburgh Castle, and has its very own south facing roof terrace.

The office has been carefully planned to allow light to filter through the space, whilst maintaining the views outside.

A large glazed meeting room separates quiet focus space from social space.

Privacy and solar gain are controlled by blinds and voiles.


Cenkos brand colours are bold red, grey and yellow, and Form worked these into the scheme, complementing them with warm neutral tones. This was achieved through specialist selection of furniture and choice of fabrics.

Form managed the full design process, working with the appointed Principal Contractor and furniture supplier, to successfully deliver this impressive project.

Cenkos was delighted to work with the team at Form as we completely redesigned our new office space. From the very beginning, Form brought expertise and ideas to the project and helped shape how we saw the space, resulting in a fantastic environment which is functional, in tune with our brand and makes the most of the incredible views of the Castle"

Anne Cassels