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Brief development; Conceptual & detail design; Construction design; Statutory approvals; Contract administration & project delivery; Furniture consultation; DDA compliance; Signage design.


A positive relationship between people and the design of physical space can optimise performance and deliver sustainable business value to your organisation.
Form Design Consultants will help you to better understand and develop a workplace strategy using a variety of analytical tools including space utilisation surveys, strategy workshops, E-surveys, workflow and space efficiency analysis.
The workplace strategy for your accommodation will be developed based on both the qualitative and quantitative analysis.  Key services include strategic briefing, workplace analysis, Landlord building appraisals, change management support, post occupancy evaluation and will provide you with a tailored solution.


Rationalisation and reorganisation of existing space or organisation of new space.
If new premises are a consideration, we can evaluate areas required or the suitability of specific buildings to your business needs.
We will take into consideration working methods, storage needs and culture to provide you with a plan which makes efficient and sustainable use of space, minimising property costs.