Get to Know Jax, our Design Student

Heather McLean

Jax Borland
Jax Borland

Jax is studying Interior and Spatial Design at Edinburgh Napier University, and will be working with Form until April 2022.

We caught up with her to find out a little bit more...

Which was your favourite subject at School?
Product Design - it gave me the first real opportunity to explore my design skills and develop my creativity.

What started you on your Commercial Interior Design path?
I was always interested in spaces, architecture and interiors, but it was at University that I realised my interest was in the commercial side. My favourite project was creating an office design from an empty shell, so I knew then it was something I wanted to pursue.
The potential to be innovative and creative, to have a positive impact for people, and to explore different types of office spaces makes it a really exciting area of design.

What was your first paying job?
I was a Property Assistant in an estate agency. I enjoyed producing property schedules and looking at the photographs to imagine how some of the spaces could be transformed!
It also allowed me to develop organisation and communication skills with clients, which has helped me when presenting design projects.

Which aspects of your role at Form are you enjoying most?
Developing a modular seating proposal and suggesting graphic manifestations for a space. Both modelling and going out for quotes.
Realising that the things you design might actually be built, and learning about everything that goes into that, is a really exciting part of the process which you don’t get to see at University!
Also absorbing knowledge and insight from the team and learning about the exciting projects everyone is working on.

What has been your biggest challenge at Form, so far?!
Assigning the Form CAD layers to a plan in my first few weeks. Figuring out which elements of the building belonged to which layer was a little confusing to begin with, as I’ve not worked on plans with as much detail before.

Give us one learning ‘take-away’ from your time at Form.
It's opened my eyes to all the other aspects that being a commercial interior designer entails.
At University we have focused on Conceptual Design, so gaining insights into the Design, Construction and Installation process has been really valuable.
It’s been great to see how Form operate as a design practice, and a team, and how they foster a creative and supportive environment.

As a kid, what was your dream job?
To be an Olympic swimmer.

If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?
Hard-working, kind, ambitious.

Thanks Jax!