Founded in 2013 by Rodi McLean, Form Design Consultants is a Commercial Interior Design practice specialising in workplace, leisure and hospitality design.

Form Design Consultants work with businesses and organisations going through change, to help them get the best from their two most important assets – their buildings and their people.

Form Design proactively provides strategic design services that challenge pre-conceived ideas about the workplace, to ensure our clients are more effective, more creative and less inhibited by their working environment.

We are extremely proud of what we are and what we do. Our services support businesses, organisations and their teams to work more effectively and efficiently, We add value, both financially and culturally, to our clients and their people.

Our approach to design is strategic, creative and stimulating. We are not just about look and feel, we are about how it works. We challenge, and sometimes provoke, to ensure the real reasons for change are fully understood.

Our team of designers has built an exciting and growing client base through recommendation.

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