ONE60 Causewayside House

Form Design Consultants are delighted and proud to have completed their latest office reception refurbishment at ONE60 Causewayside House in Edinburgh.  The project involved the complete strip out and refurbishment of the ground floor reception space and common areas on the upper floors.  A rich palette of materials was carefully selected to provide a warm and welcoming approach to the five storey building.
 ONE60 Causewayside House, Reception Area
ONE60 Causewayside House, Reception
The building is within sight of Edinburgh’s Salisbury Crags and, as such, was inspiration for the interior’s angular lines.  Ceilings and floors are deliberately misaligned, adding interest and drama. Form Design Consultants designed and detailed bespoke pieces of furniture, such as the reception desk and sit-up counter. These complete the desired look and feel whilst meeting the specific needs of our clients Lambert Smith Hampton and Custodian Capital.
 ONE60 Causewayside House, Breakout Area
ONE60 Causewayside House, high seating, breakout
In addition to providing Interior Design services, Form Design Consultants developed the new identity for the building and introduced a consistent approach to tenant signage.  The choice of font, colour and application is contemporary and notably different from similar office addresses in Edinburgh.
 ONE60 Causewayside House, External View
The refurbishment has been well received by the building’s owners, agents and tenants and Form Design Consultants have been praised for their professional and creative approach to the project.