Royal London Group, Henderson Place Lane, Edinburgh

RLG AWE, light corridor, pink
The requirement to develop alternative working environments that enable their people to work more creatively, is something that many modern businesses now recognise as important to the future success of their companies. As well as enabling staff to work away from typical workplace environments, it is clear that different workspaces increase collaboration and encourage new ways of thinking.

RLG AWE, meeting stools, digital art

Royal London Group approached Form Design Consultants to develop a suite of flexible workspaces to support staff working on their #Think Beyond project, to allow testing of software developments, and to enable more creative thinking and collaboration across the organisation as a whole. The overall aesthetic draws on the industrial style of the unit and the quirky-Britishness of RLG’s brand.

RLG AWE, touchdown, meeting pod, breakout
The environment provides a mixture of high and low-tech spaces for people to come together to develop ideas. These areas typically accommodate between four and ten people. An area with retractable seating and large format screening allow gatherings and seminars for bigger numbers. Form developed a significant joinery package to ensure the design was bespoke and tailored to RLG. An adjacent refreshment café incorporates more meeting spaces alongside the kitchen, with areas for fun, such as the putting “green” and ping-pong space.

RLG AWE, soft seating, meeting booths
The area has proven extremely popular with teams from across the Royal London Group.

RLG AWE, meeting table, golf, deck chairRLG AWE, wall cladding, colour changingRLG AWE, stools, column, meeting pod