Royal London Group, Alderley House

RLG Alderley House, curved wall, digital image, breakout meeting spacesRoyal London Group’s Wilmslow office, Alderley House, is a 28,000 sq ft two storey base for their Contact Centre team.

RLG Alderley House, teapoint, acoustic screenForm Design Consultants helped to develop the brief and explore an agile working environment, which is now a test bed for further development and implementation across the Royal London Group estate.

Alderley House, meeting room, digital image
Staff have locker space to stow possessions and, consequently, the freedom to choose to work at traditional benches, meet or work in soft seating areas, or carry out tasks in quiet spaces situated at the rear of each floor. High backed sofas provide semi-private meeting spaces in the open plan environment.

RLG Alderley House, high dining seating, breakout, meeting pod
Movable four person meetings pods, with video conferencing facilities, replace some of the traditionally underutilised formal meeting rooms, giving RLG maximum flexibility for the future. We are delighted with the positive feedback received.

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