LifeArc, Edinburgh

LifeArc, previously MRCT, is an independent life science medical research charity which helps bridge the gap between basic research and commercial application.  LifeArc’s existing facilities were no longer sufficient for their needs and a state of the art facility was required.  Form Design Consultants were appointed to design the interior of their new facility at Edinburgh Bioquarter – a purpose built building for life science companies.
LifeArc Workstation and Office AreaThe space affords spectacular views to Arthur’s Seat, and beyond, so office accommodation and main laboratories are sited to take advantage of this and the natural light.  Strategically placed glazing slots were designed to provide an important connection between the office and the laboratories.

LifeArc Lab Benches
The overall design concept was to create a calm, open and natural environment which reflected the ethos of LifeArc.  This was achieved through the use of oak, exposed ceilings, natural colours and texture.  A feature bespoke timber slatted pod provides a breakout space designed to feel like being under a tree canopy.  Carefully chosen office furniture provides a more relaxed domestic feel to complete the scheme.

LifeArc Kitchen

LifeArc Atrium

LifeArc Workstations